Encoding of "SEQUENCE OF" data

Dimitrov (external) Angel Angel.Dimitrov.external at kst.siemens.de
Thu May 10 13:41:28 UTC 2001

Hello there,

I have problem with the SNACC generated code of "SEQUENCE OF" lists.
When I encode IMProiListType ::= SEQUENCE OF IMProiDataType
the generated code does not encode  the IMProiDataType elements. So, the
list is not encoded.
I call the Snacc1.3vda  compiler with the /C option for C++ code generation.

The generated code looks like the following:

AsnLen IMProiListType::BEncContent (BUF_TYPE b)
    AsnListElmt *currElmt;
    AsnLen elmtLen;
    AsnLen totalLen = 0;
    return totalLen;
} // IMProiListType::BEncContent

Is this problem fixed in some newer version ?   Or, maybe some unknown to me
switch ?
Should I correct the generated code ?  Which would be time-comsuming and has
to be re-done at every change of the ASN1 file.
I suppose I am not the first to ask about this issue.

Thanks for your time.

Regards, Angel

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