Skipping unrecognised tags

Padraig Murtagh padraig.murtagh at
Mon Oct 10 16:35:27 UTC 2005

I have an application which needs to be made forward compatible.
Basically my application needs to ignore/skip pdus received with unknown
but valid tlvs that are not in my asn1 definition of the pdu
I expect a pdu consisting of a SET of the following tags <tag1> <tag2>
My application receives the following
Currently the decoding fails as follows:
         Asn1Err("Unexpected Tag on SET elmt." );
         longjmp (env, -113);
    } // end switch
  } // end for loop
    The question is how can I ensure that the decode does not fail but
merely skips past the unknown tag (<tag4>) in the case above

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