[esnacc-dev] [RFC PATCH 0/5] Refactor the c/c++ header locations

Aaron Conole aconole at bytheb.org
Tue Jan 10 22:18:07 UTC 2017

Aaron Conole <aconole at bytheb.org> writes:

> There was some additional cleanup along the way (which is why the
> statistics don't add up to 0), but after this change the esnacc headers
> should all reference a path relative to the default compiler prefix when
> installed (meaning if installed with /usr as the prefix, no new compile flags
> need to be added).
> This series does NOT make a change to the pkg-config modules.  A 1-release lag
> will be added (so this will be done for 1.10) to give users time to adjust any
> code bases that need to be adjusted.  This is an API breaking change (so
> previous users would possibly encounter problems when compiling).  It is
> submitted as RFC to collect any feedback.  If no explicit changes are requested
> it will be applied to the tree pending any Ack/Tested tags added (per the
> Developer Certificate of Origin).
> This series was suggested by Uri Blumenthal <uri at mit.edu> at
> https://github.com/esnacc/esnacc-ng/issues/40

Any thoughts on this series?

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