[pw-ci] [RFC v3 1/2] github: support respositories with multiple workflows

Aaron Conole aconole at redhat.com
Tue Aug 3 19:38:23 UTC 2021

Hi Salvatore,

Salvatore Daniele <sdaniele at redhat.com> writes:
> The existing github monitor code only supports a single workflow job.
> This worked as an initial implementation, but some projects are
> configuring multiple workflows and the monitor is unable to cope with
> this.
> To resolve this, we pull the workflow configurations and then ensure
> that all workflows are completed, and emit results once all have
> finished.  Each workflow run can now emit two 'pw|...' strings.
> As part of this change, we add a new field 'test_name to the 'pw|...'
> string to support passing the workflow name around.  CI systems like
> Travis won't report anything here so test_name will be blank for those
> systems.
> Signed-off-by: Salvatore Daniele <sdaniele at redhat.com>
> ---

The subject on this is misspelled ("respositories" vs "repositories")

The rest of this looks okay - I'll try it out.  In the meantime, please
post next version as non-rfc and if I don't find any problems, I'll


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