Installing snacc

Poza, Fernando Fernando.Poza at
Wed May 23 14:13:01 UTC 2001

Hi, there

I'm trying to install snacc from the files offered in

1.-Following README file instructions I execute 'configure'. OK
2.-Afterwards I try 'make' but then there is a complain 
about a file called dependencies, located in snacc-1.3b4 directory.

I think this file should be created by 'configure', am I right?

I've tried with all the versions available in the former ftp 
direction with the same result.

I'm working in Compaq alpha station, with UNIX, 4.0F.

It must be something stupid but I can't figure out what is 
happening, and I think it shouldn't be a big deal.

Sorry about that and thank's a lot


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