Installing snacc

Poza, Fernando Fernando.Poza at
Tue May 29 13:36:25 UTC 2001

Hi, Des

;-)sorry about the delay in replying.

Dont worry for the delay, it's the way it is in this list. (by now). Thanks
a lot for the feedback, it doesn't matter when it arrives.

;-)As far as I can remember what I did was to execute 
;-)./configue in the top directoty and hemn I moved to the 
;-)individual directories and made each one I was interested in 
;-)in turn ie I didnt do make at the top level.

Yes, that's what I've tried. I need the libraries, so I go to c-lib, and run
make. (of course after executing configure in the parent directory). The
answer I get is:

Make: Cannot open ../dependencies

I looked into the makefiles and I found that in certain moment, a makedepend
must be executed, generating the dependencies file mentioned before.

After that, this issue started to become something very time consuming, so
as long as I could live without the libs, I've just leaved it up for a

;-)I'm working in Compaq alpha station, with UNIX, 4.0F.
;-)It must be something stupid but I can't figure out what is 
;-)happening, and I think it shouldn't be a big deal.
;-)Sorry about that and thank's a lot
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